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GLOBAL CONNECTIONS believes that QUALITY ASSURANCE is the key to a good job of sourcing in China, Asia and Brazil. Because of this, is developing partnerships in the area of quality engineering in China, India, other countries in Asia and Brazilto ensure a procurement process in full conformity with the specifications of its customers and market. Our partners are developing product inspections, factory audits and management of tests and laboratory analysis.

Our partners in quality management have extensive experience in conducting audits at factory and quality control to assess the quality and reliability of the production process of industries in China, India, other countries in Asia and Brazil. The quality inspections are made at the plant at any stage of the production process. They can conduct the audit in factories and quality inspections at any location in Asia and Brazil.
There are a few important rules to consider when buying from other countries:

1. Never trust a factory’s “in house” quality control.

2. While it may seem counter-productive for factories to cut corners to save a little money when it costs so much more to fix the problems – if they think they can get away with it, they will certainly try. The factory must be aware you will audit them regularly and will follow up with any problems. They must know you have some presence there to check up on them.

3. Once you approve a sample as being acceptable quality, you need to hold the factory accountable to this production quality.

4. The more face time you or your representatives spend in the factory – the better quality you’ll end up with.

5. Do not ever ship before you approve it! It doesn’t matter how “good” your relationship with the factory is. It doesn’t matter if you’ve shipped the same thing before. It doesn’t matter how big your order is or how many other future orders rely on this shipment. If you’ve got product in your home country (and you’ve already paid for it) it’s too late to be finding out about problems now.

All audits and inspections of plant quality are conducted according to international standards (ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO 2859 / MIL STD 105 E and SA 8000)and as to requirements, specifications, criteria, documentsand instructions from our clients.

This type of audit and inspection, the factory of the supplier, enables the assessment by our clients, their production capacities, manpower, training employees, the workplace, machinery, equipment, product, quality management and manufacturing processes.

We can, through our partners, develop and manage any project quality assurance in China, India and other countries in Asia. We service projects that involve ad hoc inspections and audits to complex production projects of long duration. We operate in various product segments and varying sizes of companies.

The costs of this service depends on each project to be completed.

Our flexible portfolio of testing and quality assurance services cover all stages of production: from the initial quality of an audit in a factory until the final shipment of products purchased.

Our services are offered together or separately to ensure a continuous quality throughout the production process.
The details of this service are:

Simple Factory Audit – Assessment of manufacturer:

The factory audit will help assess the capacity and performance of a manufacturer to comply with the statutory requirements of the contract as well as the quality, packaging, quantity and other supply conditions. It should be performed before the buyer make an application with the new supplier and only needs a day for their achievement. This is always done in the factory of the supplier anywhere in Asia. This service aims to assess the legal status of the plant, profile plant, its employees, its contractors, licenses & documents, experience in the target market, existing customers, location of lines production, organization and its supplier’s production capacity, and also a quick check of the existing quality system.

The advantages of this type of audit, in our view, are:

• Preventing fraud and inexperienced providers.
• Verify that you are dealing with an intermediary (trading) or factory.
• Find out if your supplier can produce their products target.
• Check their experience in product manufacturing target.
• Find out if your supplier is a viable source.
• Check if the plant has chosen the certificates and licenses required.
• Compare potential vendors and select the correct one.
• Show your (s) client (s) you are interested.
• Save time.

Comprehensive Factory Audit – Assessment of manufacturer:

The huge factory audit follows the same simple method of auditing the factory. The difference between them lies in their scope. The wide, usually takes two to three days for its completion. The breadth and depth of this audit will depend on the profile of the customer’s design and quality assurance program designed to self-care.

Factory Audit – Assessment of social commitment:

This evaluation will be to maintain a good reputation in the trade. Our professionals carry out audits and evaluate the performance and capability of a manufacturer to maintain the requirements with respect to social conditions and work safety.

Pre-production inspection or testing began prior to production:

After the identification and evaluation of supplier, we, at its factory, initial testing prior to production. Are visual inspections of materials and components available before the initial stage of production. We evaluated the production schedule and its production process.

During Production Inspection:

Once a part of the production (the client sets the%) is complete, we can make tests during production to reduce the risk of insufficient quality, but also to ensure compliance with all obligations of the contract. This service will enable us to ensure that the quality of mass production is the same as the approved sample and create a pressure for the supplier to maintain quality and meet the deadline. This inspection covers: raw materials, semi-finished products, production planning, product appearance, quality of workmanship, dimensional analysis of the product, check weighing, accessories, labels, logos, packaging, wrapping and other tests and requirements special to be defined by the customer.

Arbitrary Final Proof:

Proof is an arbitrary final inspection of products in terms of safety, design, function, appearance and performance to ensure that products conform to the specifications and standards required.

Pre-shipment Inspection:

The service aims to ensure that their products work perfectly, you’ll be getting paid for what and if there are problems with the products, which are non-conformities and their quantity per product. It may occur from the moment the production is being finalized. The client will establish your%. It will take place at supplier factory or, depending on the case, the cargo agent or port. The checks are being made possible an international standard of inspection:

• Inspection of product appearance.
• Inspection of labor.
• Inspection of safety and function.
• Inspection of quantity.
• Inspection classified.
• Inspection of color.
• Inspection and measurement of size.
• Inspection of weight.
• Inspection of functionality.
• Inspection of packaging and wrapping.
• Inspection & logo sticker.
• Inspection of accessories.

Note:Other elements of inspection may be incorporated into this service.

Coordination Testing Lab:

A predetermined number of shows in production will be selected, sealed, registered / marked and the factory will be instructed to send the samples to the laboratory.

Container Loading Inspection:

This service aims to ensure what and how much must be loaded into its container, and to evaluate whether a container is safe for transport. It occurs after completion of production at the time of loading the container with the products produced at the factory or premises of the cargo agent.

This inspection covers:

• Verification of quantity.
• Checking the packing list
• Checking the condition of the container.
• Verification of the loading process (conditions of the boxes, filling level, etc.).
• Check characteristics of the sample selected to evaluate the manpower, main office, packing and packaging of their products.

Cost of services:

We understand that each project quality assurance will require a set of specific actions for their care. This will generate different costs for the feasibility of different projects. We developed these services with our employees and partners in Asia at low cost but adequate for its implementation, to meet the demand of any kind anywhere in China, India, other countries in Asia and Brazil. The demand of the client’s project will set the time, resources and cost of this work.