Provide knowledge, information and experience on doing business with China and others countries in Asia using a practical and objective methodology to import, export and invest in Asia.

It is intended:

The professional and entrepreneurs interested in doing business with Asia.



4 hours. 


. Learning to develop suppliers and trading partners in Asia.

. Getting competitive advantages with suppliers and business partners.

. Learning to develop customers and sales channels in Asia.

. Cost Brazil x Cost China and other countries in Asia.

. Asia the center of word manufacturing.

. Truths about the economic opening of Brazil.

. Why India and others countries in Asia are competitive.


Osni Nobre

. Owner of Global Connections: The company specializes in business development in Asia with more than 380 customers and 15 years in the market.

. It was an executive of national and international companies, as well as national sectorial entrepreneurial entities.

. It was part of the Innovation Committee of Fiesp.

. Responsible for the development of sector internationalization projects in the sector of aerospace, automotive, textile, machinery, sugar and alcohol, electronic, hospital and medical chart.

. Developed Consortia Export projects and Sector Programs Integrated with the support of public and private entities such as APEX BRASIL, CIESP, FIESP, SENAI, IPT and others.

. With graduate and specialization in Business Management, Finance, Quality, Negotiation, Supply Chain, Marketing and Sales at universities such as University Technology Maua, Vanzolini and ESAN Foundation.

LOCAL: Strong Educacional – Av Industrial, 1455 – Santo André – SP.

DATA: 15 de Março de 2017.

HORÁRIO: 8h00 às 13h00.


LOCAL: Hotel Boulevard – Av. São Luis, 234 – Centro, São Paulo – SP.

DATA: 5 de Abril de 2017.

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LOCAL: Hotel Slaviero – Rua Rafael Baizani, 32 – Vila Moreira, Guarulhos – SP.

DATA: 10 de Maio de 2017.

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LOCAL: Center Park Hotel – Av. Jundiaí, 300 – Centro, Jundiaí – SP.

DATA: 7 de Junho de 2017.

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LOCAL: Sorocaba Park Hotel – Rua Professor Joaquim Silva, 205 – Alto da Boa Vista, Sorocaba – SP.

DATA: 5 de Julho de 2017.

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Tel: +55 (12) 3622-4694